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Rainbows Facilitator Training Day

Join our Rainbows Registered Director for this one day workshop to learn how to run a Rainbows peer support program in your community! This live, interactive online training opportunity will guide future Rainbows Facilitators through the history of the Rainbows program, cover grief and loss in children and teach you how to use the Rainbows Facilitator Manual and materials as a tool to run sessions in your agency, school or church.

Who is this training for?

  • Staff or volunteers of a licensed Rainbows site ONLY*. 
  • Teachers, social workers, school counsellors or other support staff who want to support children experiencing grief and loss.
  • Childcare staff, family support workers or other agency staff who want to support children experiencing grief and loss.
  • Volunteers or religious community members who want to support children experiencing grief and loss.

*Not sure if your school/agency/church is a licensed site? Contact Us to inquire and learn more about the process of becoming a licensed site.

Learning Objectives

  • Better understand Rainbows for All Children Canada mission and programs; learn about Next Chapter Society’s role and other programs
  • Familiarize Facilitators with the unique needs of grieving children and how to support them
  • Provide guidance on group facilitation techniques and strategies for managing challenges
  • Familiarize Facilitators with the Rainbows program materials and how to utilize them
  • Prepare Facilitators for coordinating and facilitating a Rainbows program


The training fee of $149.00 covers your full day online training and includes an updated electronic manual* that will be emailed out following your certification as a trained Rainbows Facilitator.
*Rainbows Canada released an updated consolidated manual (including all Sunbeams, Rainbows and Spectrum programs) in the Fall of 2020. Electronic manuals may not be printed due to copyrights. Due to online training we are not offering the option of printed manuals at this time, however participants are welcome to order a printed manual directly from Rainbows Canada via your site order form.


Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Time: 9:00am-2:30pm with a lunch break and various breaks throughout the day
Format: Online through the Zoom platform.

Rainbows Facilitator Training Registration Form May 2023
Site coordinators must be trained Rainbows Coordinators and each site requires one to manage the administrative components of the program. If you don't have a coordinator, or don't know who yours is please enter "UNSURE" in this field.
Due to online program delivery we are not offering physical manuals at this time. You are welcome to order your own physical manual through your site if you would prefer a hard copy manual. Electronic manuals can NOT be printed due to Copyrights.

Coordinator Training

Each Rainbows site requires a coordinator who is responsible for the program session coordinator, administrative paperwork and ordering from Rainbows Canada. Coordinators should be trained Rainbows Facilitators.

Coordinator Training will take place from 3:00-4:00pm on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

Rainbows Coordinator Training Registration Form May 2023
Due to online program delivery we are not offering physical coordinator manuals at this time. If you are replacing a coordinator at an existing site you should have a coordinator manual. If you are a new site, you will receive your coordinator manual and administrative guides with your first order of materials/site set up.
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