Next Chapter Society and Rainbows™

The Next Chapter Society is dedicated to empowering community volunteers to facilitate the Rainbows™ peer support program across local agencies, while also helping families find active Rainbows programs nearby.

Rainbows™, celebrated worldwide, offers a no-cost peer-support program to children and families coping with grief from divorce, separation, death, or abandonment. Established by Suzy Yehl-Marta in 1983, Rainbows has touched the lives of millions in 18 countries, fostering emotional healing. Participants are encouraged to share their feelings and navigate their loss in a supportive and secure environment, alongside peers undergoing similar experiences.

Family changes, such as death, divorce, separation, or abandonment, deeply affect all family members. Grief, a natural response to loss, is an expression of love that, if not addressed timely, can have lasting negative impacts. Rainbows aims to guide grieving children, adolescents, and adults toward recognizing their inherent worth and the importance of family. It advocates for viewing life’s changes as opportunities for new beginnings. Through the guidance of trained volunteers, Rainbows strives to help participants understand their emotions, come to terms with their experiences, and foster a sense of belonging and love.

Facilitator Training and Site Set Up

Next Chapter Society is committed to the highest standards of support for children experiencing life transitions, and a key part of this commitment is our facilitator training program. We offer comprehensive training workshops for Rainbows™ Facilitators and Coordinators at Alberta program sites on a regular basis. These workshops are not just informative but also an opportunity to enhance the skills and understanding necessary to effectively guide and support the children in our programs.

Our workshops are facilitated by our certified Rainbows™ Registered Directors, who bring extensive experience and a deep understanding of the needs of grieving children. Their expertise ensures that each facilitator and coordinator is well-equipped to create a safe, supportive, and effective environment for the participants of the Rainbows program.

Interested in becoming a trained facilitator or setting up a Rainbows™ site? Please visit our Rainbows™ Facilitators Page. 

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