Shawnté Balogh


Shawnté is a dedicated professional with a profound commitment to the mission
of Next Chapter. Eager to contribute to a team that prioritizes fostering healthy
foundations for families during separation and divorce, she brings a wealth of
personal experience and a keen awareness of the existing gaps in resources.
Having successfully navigated her own divorce while raising small children,
Shawnté recognizes the critical need for accountability and support in related
issues, firmly believing that Next Chapter is poised to meet this need effectively.

As an accomplished author with nine international best-selling books and a
growing body of work, Shawnté demonstrates exceptional communication and
storytelling skills. Currently based in Edmonton, she actively contributes to the
community by working within a medical setting at Alberta Health Services. This
unique blend of personal insight, professional achievements, and community
engagement positions Shawnté as a valuable asset to the Next Chapter team,
poised to make a meaningful impact on the lives of families facing the challenges
of separation and divorce.

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